How do I Renew, Delete or Suspend my SSL Certificate order ?

You can Renew, Delete or Suspend your SSL Certificate order by following the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your control panel. Learn how

Step 2: Navigate to the Order Information view.

Type the Domain Name of the order in the search field on the homepage, select Order from the drop down and click on the Search button.


Step 3:  Renew, Delete or Suspend your order.

  • Renew your SSL Certificate order.

 i. Click on the Renew button.

 ii. Select the duration of the renewal and click on Renew Order to pay your invoice.

 iii. Follow the steps for Applying for a SSL certificate to receive your final Certificate.

  •    Suspend your SSL Certificate order.

             i. Click on the Suspend button.

            ii. Select the Suspend radio button, enter a reason for suspension and click on update.


  •    Delete your SSL Certificate order.

             i. Click on the Delete Order button.

            ii. Confirm your deletion.


  • Order renewal will only be available 30  days prior to expiry.
  • In case of renewing a Comodo EV Certificate, Comodo will verify the Organization details again.
  • Once an order is suspended, except delete no other actions can be performed on it.