Managing TLD Promotions


Thexyz Inc runs various Promotional offers, which you may participate in and choose to offer these Products and Services to your Customers and Sub-Resellers at discounted rates.


How do I activate / manage a Promo?

Step 1: Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. Learn how.

Step 2: Navigate to the Domain Registration pricing page.

  • Click on Settings > Manage Products and Pricing.

  • Click on the Domain Registration link.

  • Click on the Manage Prices link.

Step 3: Select the TLD for which you wish to manage the promo.

  • Click on the Promos link to list the TLDs with available promos.

  • Click on Start Now to activate the promo.


    If the Promo is already activated, click on Manage to manage the Promo pricing.

Step 4: Set up the Promo details

Fill in the required parameters on the following page and click on the Update Promo button once you have set these parameters.

  • The Promo would begin at 12.00 am GMT/UTC on the Promo Start Date and would end at the stroke of mid-night as per GMT/UTC on the Promo End Date.

  • A green star indicates that a Promo is activated for a TLD for Registration, Renewal and/or Transfer.

  • You may modify the Promo Price to Customer, Promo Price to Sub-Reseller and Non-Promo Price to Sub-Reseller at any time.

  • If the price is modified before the Promo Start date, the new price will be applicable from the Promo Start Date at 00:00 GMT / UTC.

  • If the price is modified while the Promo is on, the new price will be applicable immediately.

  • The Promo Pricing may apply to Registration, Renewal and/or Transfer under the specific TLD (extension) and only for the least number of years applicable for that TLD. For any additional years, your usual Selling Price would be applicable.


    Promo activated for: .COM Domain Names

    Promo Applicable for Action: Registration

    Promo Selling Price for Customers: USD 8

    Usual Selling Price for Customers: USD 10

    Now when your Customer tries to register for 5 years, he would be charged the first 1 year at USD 8 and for the remaining 4 years at USD 10. This means that, the Customer would have to pay you USD 48 for registering the domain name.

  • You may preview the contents of the Announcement by clicking the Announcement link.

  • Upon selecting the Announcement checkbox, the template text would appear as a full page announcement (like a splash page) to your Customers and Sub-Resellers in their Control Panel, the moment they login. The full page Announcement is displayed to your Customers and Sub-Resellers only the first time they login and then onwards this Announcement will appear in the Announcements box on the Home page of their Control Panel, until the Promo End Date passes.

  • When you end a Promo, it will get deactivated down your entire Sub-Reseller chain.

  • If there are any unpaid Invoices (with the status Action and Payment Pending) after the Promo is terminated, they would be automatically cancelled to prevent you from suffering any loss, should your Customer / Sub-Reseller execute any Invoice after the Promo has been terminated.

  • The SuperSite and PartnerSite contain a large amount of marketing content and information about the Products and Services you offer to your Customers and Sub-Resellers respectively. This data is downloaded to your SuperSite and PartnerSite from your Control Panel and cached (stored) on the SuperSite and PartnerSite Server respectively. Hence, you would need to refresh the cache of your SuperSite and PartnerSite once:

    if you have activated/terminated a Promo,


    if you have modified the value of one or more Pricing related fields,


    if the Promo ends automatically after the Promo End Date.

    You may accomplish this from within your Control Panel itself by clicking on Tools > Reload SuperSite & PartnerSite Cache > SuperSite & PartnerSite Promotional Offers.

  • If you have activated a Promo and not reloaded the SuperSite cache, the SuperSite will continue to display the regular price. However, the actual Invoice raised will be for the Promo price, if applicable.

  • Similarly, if you have terminated a Promo or Thexyz Inc has ended it and the SuperSite cache has not been reloaded, the SuperSite will continue to display the Promo price. However, the actual Invoice raised will be for the regular price.